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Extreme muscle growth

When it comes to muscle growth, it’s easy to get stuck at certain point. You know it – you try a different training method, change your diet, increase protein intake but nothing seems to help.

This is the time for MegaGear supplements. A 12-week cycle of MegaGear products have been shown to increase the muscle mass by about 5 kg with weekly gains in of 0,6 kg during the final weeks of the cycle

Such increases in muscle mass cannot be usually achieved without help from hormonal substances (anabolic steroids).

Improved endurance

Boost your endurance and improve your cardio capacity! MegaGear supplements, especially Winny 50 and Clen and extremely popular in sports like biking and running with many pro athletes using them as an alternative to banned doping substances.

Tougher trainings

Thanks to the unique composition of Clen you can now achieve more in during shorter time. Your motivation and ability to train hard will explode to sky-high levels!

Independently tested

MegaGear products have been used by tens of thousands of athletes from around the world since 2011, including top bodybuilders, weightlifters and powerlifters.

Our company has been successfully cooperating with top-tier bodybuilders like Alexandre Carpentier, fighters like Janosz Tiborcz and a number of weightlifters in Bulgaria (this makes us especially proud because Bulgarian weightlifters belong to absolute elite in this sport and are very picky when it comes to supplements).

Two of our products have been independently tested by prestigious bodybuilding publisher MUSQLE.COM with excellent results.


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