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How to use the unique and powerful supplements by MegaGear

The oil-based products are most effective if injected. However, please notice that injecting dietary supplement can be illegal in your country. Alternatively, the oil-based can be used orally, 1/2ml every day (to be kept under the tongue for about 1 minute).

You can combine 2 or 3 products for better results but do not use more than 3 products simultaneously. It will not lead to better results.

Please check our stacks to have an idea on how to combine the products.

MegaGear products should not be used longer than 12 weeks – you need a break of at least 1 month after the 12-week cycle. On the other hand, most muscle growth has been observed in during the last weeks of the cycle so stopping the treatment after 5 or 6 weeks is not a good idea.

MegaGear products are not known to be liver-toxic unless severely overdosed. We still do suggest use of Liv 160 after two cycles involving oral products.

Warning: do not overdose! The recommended dosage is for a 85kg male – you can increase the dosage if you are heavier but always with care. Please notice that Clen contains highest legally permitted dose of synephrine and overdose can lead to health problems.

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