Liv 160 Protect your liver

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Category Liver protection
Form Capsules
Cycle Length 2 months
Dosage 1 caps/day

Protect your liver

Liv 160 is designed for use after oral supplements (not necessarily MegaGear products) that have the potential to damage the liver. Almost every oral supplement or drug can exhaust the liver after prolonged use. Therefore we recommend the use of Liv 160 at least once in 6 months.

Proven effects

The active compound in Liv 160 is silymarin, molecule used in many drugs for treatment of liver disease. The healing and protective properties of silymarin have been well described in scientific literature.

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Most muscle growth comes in the final weeks of the cycle. We presume this may be the result of active substances accumulating in the body. This pattern has been observed by most users, as well as in tests of MegaGear products.


Some individuals respond more and others less to xenoandrogens. It seems that some people with history of anabolic steroid use are less sensitive to MegaGear supplements.


Healthy liver is extremely important for proper digestion and hormonal balance in the body. Using a product like Liv 160 once in six months will increase your chances for growing muscle mass and burning fat.


In absence of liver problems, 1 capsule/day should be used. In case of acute problems, your physician can increase the dose to 2 or 3 capsules a day (1-0-1 or 1-1-1). Always consult a physician if you are using Liv 160 for treatment of liver disease!


Liv 160 can be used alongside any MegaGear supplement. It is, however, more effective if used between the xenoandrogen cycles.

“Health is most important to me…I never skip liver-cleaning cycle” Ronald D.
“I feel so much better now after 2 months of Liv 160 use…” Vlad T.

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